About Our Attorneys

We believe our clients deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Unfortunately, during complex legal matters, respect and dignity can be hard to come by. One mistake does not mean you are a criminal.

I am Jeniece LaCross, Attorney At Law, the founder. My firm helps protect the legal rights of our clients who are facing difficult circumstances and legal problems. That means efficiently and effectively representing our clients in and out of court.

Defense That Treats You As A Person, Not A Criminal

Our attorneys will listen to your story and provide you with aggressive, knowledgeable representation. We understand the ramifications of facing criminal charges, and know what it takes to get your life back on track. It begins by knowing your rights, working hard to regain your good standing and ensuring that you do everything in your power to put your criminal charges behind you. We will do everything we can to help you move forward from what is one of the most stressful and troubling experiences you will ever face.

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Representing You In Family Law Matters

Lives change. Whether you have simply grown apart or there are other factors at play, it might become necessary to end a marriage. If you are considering divorce or you have received divorce papers from your spouse, it is crucial that you act quickly to protect yourself. As experienced lawyers, we can provide clear guidance and an honest assessment of your family law case at every turn. From divorce to support to guardianship, clients rely on us for professionalism, communication and results.

Experienced, Dedicated And Aggressive

With extensive experienced in private and public defense, we have represented clients against all types of criminal charges. We can guide clients through the divorce process - or other family law matters.

We provide criminal defense and family law representation for clients in Port Orchard, Washington, Gig Harbor, Kitsap County and surrounding areas. Call us to schedule a consultation at 360-329-4103.