There are a lot of pretty inventive child custody solutions out there. You do not have to simply spend a week with your kids and then send them to your ex’s house for the next week. You don’t have to decide you’ll only get to see them on the weekends. If you’re interested, you can take a much more creative approach.

One example is called either birdnesting or just nesting, as you prefer. To do it, you and your ex get one or two small apartments or homes that you can live in alone. However, you keep the family home. The children stay there. The parent who has custody lives with them in the home. When custody changes, rather than moving the children, that parent just moves out and the other parent moves in.

Some couples share the same smaller home on their off weeks to keep costs down. Others want their own places entirely. Either way, they still share the family home.

Not every couple has what it takes to do this. You must be able to share that space with your ex. You must be able to cooperate. You need to be able to stay civil and get along, working together for the children’s best interests. You also have to agree on some type of system to share the costs of owning a home that you both use, even though you now have your own incomes.

Maybe that sounds right for you, and maybe it does not. No matter what, it does help to show how inventive you can get, demonstrating the importance of really looking into all of your options.