While criminal allegations can have a serious impact, certain accusations could evoke long-term damages to one’s personal and professional reputation. What goes on in a relationship is often private; however, maters of love, dating and friendship could reach the public eye if the accused is a public figure and he or she is facing allegations of domestic violence. Such allegations not only mean facing serious criminal consequences if convicted, but they also have the tendency of harming one’s reputation. This makes it especially important for those in Washington and elsewhere to take defensive action when faced with such charges.

Impacts of domestic violence allegations

As a recent report illustrates, an individual’s life could suddenly and drastically change for the worse as soon as domestic violence charges come to light. This is what happened recently to a professional football player for the Washington Football Team.

Reports indicate that Derrius Guice was released from the NFL team. This occurred just three weeks after his domestic violence incidents came to light and he turned himself into the authorities. He was recently arrested for multiple counts, including strangulation. Since his arrest, he has also faced legal actions for alleged sexual assaults that occurred in Louisiana.

Guice asserts that he informed the team of his anger issues months prior to these charges, resulting in the team providing anger management counseling resources. However, reports suggest that it was unclear if he informed the team, as they claim they were never informed of his past assault allegations. They further stated that had he opened up about his anger issues and past, the league would have put him on the NFL Commissioner’s Exempt list. However, he was placed on the list after his arrest, and Washington released him shortly after.

Assert a defense

Facing serious criminal allegations that have already severely impacted one’s career and personal life can be challenging; however, it is important that those facing domestic violence charges fully understand their situation and penalties they could face. This could help them take an aggressive approach that may help them reduce and even dismiss the charges against them.