Protect Your Rights With The Help Of An Aggressive Criminal Defense Strategy

Having criminal charges brought against you may be one of the most difficult experiences you will ever face. Your life can be affected for many years to come, even if you are Not Guilty of any crime.

At Jeniece LaCross, Attorney At Law, we can help protect your rights and defend against all types of criminal charges. With more than 15 years of experience, there are no criminal cases we haven’t dealt with. We can ably represent you against both misdemeanor and felony charges.

Defending Your Constitutional Rights

The freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government was one of the founding principles of the country. If police violated your constitutional rights, any evidence they obtained is not admissible in court. We can advise you of whether your constitutional rights were violated during your investigation or arrest.

We will also make prosecutors prove every charge against you beyond a reasonable doubt, in painstaking and meticulous detail. We will ensure your story is told. We will bring attention to any part of the prosecution’s story or evidence that doesn’t add up.

Even If You’ve Made A Mistake, You Have Options

No one is perfect. Even if you have made a mistake, you have legal rights in our system. In some circumstances, it may be to your benefit to enter into a plea bargain in exchange for a lesser or alternative sentence, such as substance abuse treatment. Pleading guilty to any criminal charge is no easy task, and not to be taken lightly. Our attorneys can help you examine your options and figure out what is best for you and your family. We know what it means for you to consider pleading guilty. We will work with you to ensure you know the full extent of your options.

Aggressive. Able. Experienced. We Will Work For You.

Our firm has experience defending against all types of criminal charges, including:

  • Drug offenses
  • Sex offenses
  • Violent crimes
  • Murder
  • Assault
  • Driving on a suspended license

Additionally, we are prepared to represent clients in cases involving civil rights issues. If you are eligible, we can also help you move past your criminal charges through an expungement. We also provide legal help to those seeking to restore their firearm possession privileges.

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